ghs 2022 scholarships

Select members of the Class of 2022 were recognized during the Senior Awards and Scholarship Recognition Ceremony at Galion High School on May 16.

The High School administration recognized graduating seniors who were first, second, third, and fourth-year recipients of the Academic Achievement Award. This is given to students who maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average during the first three quarters of each school year during their attendance at Galion High School.

“The members of the Class of 2022 have worked hard to achieve success in the classroom.” High School Principal Tasha Stanton said. “It is always a pleasure, as an educator, to be able to recognize students for their diligence and perseverance in their studies.”

Major scholarship recipients recognized during the event included: Samuel Albert (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Walker Frankhouse (E.M. Freese Scholarship, Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Matthew Gimbel (E.M. Freese Scholarship, Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Emma Jutz (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Brooke Kelly (E.M. Freese Scholarship); Regin Kuehlman (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Emma Maguire (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Ashlee Oris (E.M. Freese Scholarship, Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Jaxon Oswald (Walter & Flora Hessenauer Charitable Trust in Honor of the Galion Masonic Lodge); Winson Pan (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Rece Payne (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Natalee Perkins (E.M. Freese Scholarship, Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Ava Smith (E.M. Freese Scholarship, Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Andrew Sparks (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Brody Symsick (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Zaynah Tate (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Kolton Tyrrell (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis), Kennan Walker (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis), Samuel Wegesin (Walter Hessenauer Trust); Melanie Wheeler (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis); Adriana Zeger (Lewis J. & Nelle Davis).

The Galion Community Foundation (GCF) also recognized its annual scholarship recipients during the program. The foundation awarded more than $70,000 in scholarships to members of the Class of 2022.

Graduating Galion seniors who received scholarships included: Cadin Roberts (Capt. William F. Unckrich Scholarship); Brooke Kelly (Kevin Cass Scholarship); Chase Potter (Fox Family Scholarship, Miller Carter Memorial Scholarship); Brody Symsick (Galion Jaycees Senator’s Scholarship); Kalyn Carroll (George & Eunice Ronk Veterinary Medicine Scholarship, Beck Scholarship); Walker Frankhouse (Class of 1950 Scholarship); Regin Kuehlman (Volk-Koeckert Scholarship); Grayden Pierce (Beck Scholarship, Bunyard Scholarship); Ashlee Oris (Bradfield Scholarship); Emma Maguire (Dr. Bernard Mansfield Scholarship); Brianna Felder (Miller Carter Memorial Scholarship); Matthew Gimbel (A.M. Carter Memorial Scholarship); Melanie Wheeler (GHS General Scholarship Fund); Emma Jutz (Chad Thomas Grix Scholarship); Sam Albert (Juanita Wagner Scholarship); Abby Crager (Juanita Wagner Scholarship); Ava Smith (Juanita Wagner Scholarship); Kennan Walker (Juanita Wagner Scholarship); Zaynah Tate (Juanita Wagner Scholarship); Sean Clark (Daniel Robertson Engineering).

“Every year we receive outstanding scholarship applications from the graduating seniors, and this year was no exception,” GCF board chair Dr. Sandra Powel said. “We are pleased to present these awards annually and look forward to the great things these students will achieve.”

The Galion High School Class of 2022, with 128 graduating seniors, has received nearly $1 million in scholarship awards and earned 1,072 college credit hours during their time at GHS totaling $536,000 in college tuition savings.

“I want to thank the Galion community for their unwavering support of Galion seniors year in and year out,” Galion Superintendent Jennifer Allerding said. “Each year, our graduating classes receive an exceptional amount of scholarship dollars, and it all starts with the support of local donors and organizations.” 

The Galion High School Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony will begin at 2:00 p.m. in the high school gymnasium on Sunday, May 22. The ceremony will be available to watch live on the district and Galion High School Facebook pages, as well as the district’s YouTube channel.