We offer this handbook to you so that you will be fully informed of your opportunities and your responsibilities as a member of the student body.  Information in this handbook pertains to all students enrolled in Galion High School as well as Galion students attending Pioneer Career & Technology Center.  Students and parents are urged to read this handbook carefully.  It will enable you to know what we expect of each student and how to cooperate with our staff so that every student can receive the best possible education.

The rules, regulations, and procedures in this handbook are subject to continual review for possible change.  All policies and procedures put forth in this handbook have been adopted by the Galion City Board of Education.  Unless official changes are made, the regulations, policies, and procedures listed herein will govern the administration of the school.

For clarification purposes, references to parent will also include legal guardian. Immediate family will include parents, brothers, sisters, and grandparents.


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