Wright Builds Sideline Benches for Football Stadium

May 13, 2020

When people walk into the football stadium this fall, they may notice some new team benches on the sidelines.

Jack Wright, a student at Galion, began building benches back in the fall as his project that he will present to the Eagle Scout Board of Review to become an Eagle Scout before he turns 18 in September. 

Back when he started this project in the fall, he had one bench done and was working on another, and it took him between 3-5 days to make a bench. Last Saturday Jack was able to get special permission to get into the school and bring the materials for the rest of the benches home, and he had the remaining 8 benches finished in 5 days.

Bruce Weirich, the Industrial Arts teacher for the district, had nothing but praise for Wright. “He’s always done all of his projects and he is always ahead. Here is a young man who could have just sat down and did all of the assignments, but instead he kept working,” Weirich said.

“I’m proud that he took it upon himself to build benches for the stadium, plus he has a job and lots of other assignments, but he still made the time to make the benches at home when he could have just slacked off,” Weirich continued.

Jack, along with fellow students Noah Atkinson and Ben Altstadt, got the benches done as soon as possible so that Jack would have ample time to present them to the review board to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. “With the virus, I was afraid that it would take a while to apply with the Eagle Board, so I wanted to get them done and over with to make sure that I had plenty of time,” Jack said.

The idea for the benches for the stadium came from Kyle Baughn, the athletic director, when Jack went to ask if there was anything he could do.

“The Athletic department is very grateful to Jack Wright & Troop 304 for building the team benches.  These benches will serve our teams for years to come.  Jack did a great job of securing donations, planning the design, and leading others to complete the ‘Eagle Project,’” Baughn said.  

“Jack did a great job throughout the project and often showed me his progress. I know the school and team are grateful to have the new benches,” Matt Dick, the head football coach said.

All of the materials that Jack used were donated by different stores to allow him to even begin this project because one of the stipulations to the Eagle Scout project is that you must get all materials donated. The benches are made out of 8 2x4s.

“He has worked very hard on the planning and the building, and he will be presenting the benches at the next board meeting. We are proud of his accomplishments that he has achieved in working on his Eagle for Boy Scouts,” his mother, Denise Wright said.

Jack stated that it is a big relief to have all of the benches done and at the stadium.

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