Ontario Invitational Results

January 30, 2020

Ontario Invitational
Girls 2nd place with 190pts
Boys 2nd place with 182pts

1. Girls 400-yard free relay- 2nd place 4:09.11
        Adrianna Zeger, Brooklyn O’Brien, Caitlyn Karnes, Troie Grubbs

2. Boys 400-yard free relay- 1st place 3:35.66
        Alec Dicus, Isaac Niedemier, Caleb Strack, Ben Altstadt

4. Boys 100-yard breaststroke
         Nathan Barre 6th place 1:15.73

5. Girls 100-yard backstroke 
        Julia Connor 7th place 1:12.63
        Ava Niedemier 22nd place 1:41.13

7. Girls 200-yard free relay- 3rd place 1:53.65
        Adriana Zeger, Ally Staats, Brooklyn O’Brien, Troie Grubbs

8. Boys 200-yard free relay- 2nd place 1:40.30
        Alec Dicus, Isaac Niedemier, Caleb Strack, Ben Altstadt 

9. Girls 500-yard freestlye 
        Ally Staats 4th place 6:14.75
        Brooklyn O’Brien 6th place 6:17.82

10. Boys 500-yard freestyle
          Alec Dicus 2nd place 5:30.04
          Hayden Kaple 7th place 6:56.21

11. Girls 100-yard freestyle
          Troie Grubbs 1st place 56.76
          Adrianna Zeger 8th place 1:04.29
          Kate Schieber 19th place 1:13.77
          Regin Kuehlman 35th place 1:26.88
          Kiera VanMeter 36th place 1:28.81

12. Boys 100-yard freestyle
          Ben Altstadt 2nd place 52.28
          Isaac Niedemier 6th place 56.07
          Justin Lester 11th place 1:00.62
          Kolton Tyrrell 23rd place1:08.92

13. Girls 100-yard butterfly
          Caitlyn Karnes 4th place 1:10.01

15. Girls 50-yard freestyle
          Troie Grubbs 2nd place 25.80
          Adriana Zeger 9th place 28.40
          Kate Schieber 22nd place 32.43
          Ava Niedemier 30th place 32.43
          Kiera VanMeter 43rd place 39.11
          Regin Kuehlman 44th place 39:98

16. Boys 50-yard freestyle
           Ben Altstadt 1st place 23.69
           Caleb Strack 7th place 24.90
           Isaac Niedemier 8th place 25.25
           Grayson Willacker 28th place 27.85

17. Girls 200-yard IM
          Julia Conner 5th place 2:40.86
          Ally Staats 6th place 2:42.06

18. Boys 200-yard IM
          Nathan Barre 2nd place 2:29.28
          Justin Lester 3rd place 2:35.53

19. Girls 200-yard freestyle
          Brooklyn O’Brien 3rd place 2:21.86
          Caitlyn Karnes 4th place 2:22.36

20. Boys 200-yard freestyle
          Alec Dicus 1st place 1:59.44
          Hayden Kaple 11th place 2:22.57
          Grayson Willacker 15th place 2:32.74

21. Girls 200-yard medley relay- 4th place 2:18.27
         Julia Conner, Ally Staats, Caitlyn Karnes, Kate Schieber

22. Boys 200-yard medley relay- 7th place 2:07.70
          Kayden Kaple, Nathan Barre, Justin Lester, Grayson Willacker 

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