Students Create Items for the Stadium

November 4, 2019

Jack Wright IV, Christian Cleveland, and Devin Johnson have been busy at work in the wood shop with Mr. Weirich. They are creating benches and picnic tables to be placed down at the stadium.

Jack started creating benches earlier this year as a Scouts project. “A bench will take me between 3-5 days to make. The first bench took me a little longer since I had never made one before, but on average it is just a few days.” So far, he has finished 2 benches and has 8 more to build. One of his benches is currently on display outside of the high school office in the main entrance until all 10 of them are ready to be moved to the stadium.

Christian Cleveland and Devin Johnson are creating picnic tables to also be placed at the stadium in the patio area in place of the tables that are currently there. The class was challenged to draw up plans to create a picnic table with the least amount of wood in order to be the most cost-efficient. Cleveland and Johnson won by creating a design that only uses 8 pieces of wood.

Once they have finished all their pieces for down at the stadium, community members will be able to place orders to have the students make benches or picnic tables for them.


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