Galion High School SHOWTUNES


Focus: SHOWTUNES is one of the few groups at Galion High school that is active all year. The SHOWTUNES process starts long before the bell rings on the first day of school.

How do I join SHOWTUNES? Tryouts are held in May of the previous year and when callbacks are made it launches a music filled summer.

Activities/Events: During the first week of July most Galion SHOWTUNES performers attend the Showchoir Camp of America with other Showchoir groups from all over the nation. After learning the newest techniques from the top performers, the Galion SHOWTUNES camp begins in mid-July. This is when the individuals that journeyed to the National Showchoir Camp teach the others the latest dance steps and songs. For one week, students eat, sleep, and dream music. After each long day of hard practice, the team usually participates in a group activity, such as a cookout, pool party, or some brutal tackle football. Mr. Walker, the SHOWTUNES Director says, “While many students have other commitments such as sports, clubs, and jobs they work with what time they have and do a wonderful job.”

Contact Information: For further questions, please contact Rick Walker at Galion High School, (419) 468-6500 ext. 12021 or at


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