Academic Challenge

Galion High School Academic Challenge Club

What is Academic Challenge?

Academic Challenge is an after-school program that focuses on academic achievement and displays of excellence in various academic categories ranging from literature, mathematics, history and geography, to science, fine arts, government and economics. Additional categories include mythology, world religion, foreign languages, earth and space science, social science, computer science and current events.

What is our mission?

The mission of the program is to encourage high-achieving students to build academic teams and further expand their knowledge through friendly competitions and quiz games. Students who become a part of the program commit to attending regular team practices resulting in eligibility to participate in local, regional, and state academic matches and tournaments.

Why be a part of the team?

There are a number of reasons a student would want to become a part of Academic Challenge including: opportunity for team building, student empowerment, strong desire to learn and share knowledge, interest in school competitions, display of team spirit and proud representation of GHS. Furthermore, participation in this program is a great addition to college applications!

Who can be a part of Academic Challenge?

All Galion High School students with a minimum of a “B” grade point average are eligible to be a part of the Academic Challenge program. Currently, GHS Academic Challenge team consists of fourteen student members making up two Junior Varsity and two Varsity teams. Additionally, the program has one Academic Advisors, Ms. Violeta Chinni, GHS French Teacher, and a Volunteer Reader, Mrs. Amy Cline, GHS Guidance Counselor. How often do we meet, when & where? Academic Challenge team meets on Mondays at 7:00 AM in room 215 for regular practices. During these practices students are split into teams of 3-4 students based on strengths and interests of each student in a particular academic category. The teams then participate in a mock-up competition, and other friendly trivia games. Occasionally, the Academic Challenge advisors organize fun pizza parties to encourage team building and to promote camaraderie.

Special Note!

It is important to note that even though AC members are required to commit to regular practices in order to participate at various regional matches and tournaments, all students are welcome to join the Academic Challenge team at any time and can participate in all home based practices, competitions, and social events.

Contact Information

To learn more about Academic Challenge program and make further inquiries about joining the team, please contact Ms. Violeta Chinni at, call 419.468.6500, ext. 12215, or stop by Room 215.



What our students have to say about Academic Challenge Program!

"Academic Challenge is an amazing program to be a part of because it really brings students together. You learn so much through competitions and you make great friends with similar interests."

~ Farrah Gregg, Varsity Team B

"Academic Challenge gave me a way to apply knowledge that I have accumulated over the years in a fun and competitive environment."

~ Dominic Marino, Varsity Team B

“Academic Challenge is a way for me to engage my brain in fun and competitive activities. I can test my knowledge against other students’ and have fun doing it!”

~ Thomas Shawk, Varsity Team A

“I liked being in Academic Challenge, because it gave me the chance to meet and befriend people I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. I was able to learn new things and had an opportunity to work with students who have different viewpoints. It was an enlightening experience, and I can’t wait to come back to it next year!”

~ Katie Keller, Junior Varsity Team


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