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Ath*let"ics (#), n. The art of training by athletic exercises;
the games and sports of athletes. © Webster 1913.

At Galion High School your Student Athlete has opportunities to experience multiple sports in a varied and exciting athletic program.

Participating in Athletics provides your Student Athlete with positive values such as teamwork, perseverance, determination and good sportsmanship that will help shape him/her into an outstanding citizen.

Consider making Athletics a part of your student's High School career, for a balanced, healthy, fit individual ready to take on their future endeavors.  Check out the different sports offered at Galion High School under the Athletics tab, there's sure to be one that will be a fun and challenging fit.

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Athletic Code of Conduct


Athletic Pricing

The following prices are for varsity athletic contests (excluding tournaments):

Boys Basketball$7.00$5.00
Girls Basketball$7.00$5.00
7, 8, 9, JV Football$4.00$3.00

Please contact High School Athletic Director Kyle Baughn at 419-468-6500 or email with any questions.

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