Graduation Requirements

Minimum Graduation Requirements:

The minimum requirements are set forth by the Ohio Department of Education and the Galion Board of Education.  Section 3323.08 of the Revised Code states in order to receive a diploma, all students must pass all parts of the OGT  (Ohio Graduation Test),  or be exempt from one or more content area test as documented through the student’s Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.).


Beginning with students entering ninth grade for the first time on or after July 1, 2010, the graduation requirements shall include specific units, known as the Ohio CORE Graduation Requirements, designed to prepare students for the work force and for college-level study.  Those units are as follows:

Graduation Requirements:  Total credits = 21

1. English – four credits

2. Math – four credits (must include 1 credit of Algebra II or its equivalent)

3. Science – three credits (must include 1 Biology, 1 Physical & 1 Advanced credit of either)

4. Social Studies – three credits (must include American history and American government)

5. Health – one half credit

6. Physical Education – one half credit (2 courses at ¼ credit each)

7. Fine Arts – one credit

8. Financial Literacy – (At GHS this will be one semester course taken before graduation)

9. The remaining credits to meet the required 21 must be from foreign language, fine arts,  business, career-technical education, family & consumer sciences, technology, agriculture education or additional units beyond requirements from English, math, science, or social studies.

Must pass all parts of the OGT (Ohio Graduation Test)   

Credits needed for class standing:

- Sophomore = 4.5 

- Junior = 10

- Senior = 15


Types Of Diplomas:

Under current law, there are two types of diplomas which may be issued to Ohio high school graduates: the “regular” diploma will be issued to any student who has successfully completed the high school curriculum and passed the OGT in all areas.  An “honors” diploma  will be issued to any student who has successfully completed the high school  curriculum, passed the OGT in all areas, and satisfied other criteria established by the State Board of Education.